Our Families

In our children’s villages, our house parents are the core to the vision of Mattaw to make each house a home.  We strongly believe in restoring what God intended for family to look like.  All of our children were once labeled abandoned, orphaned, lost, forgotten, fatherless, but through God’s mercy we are able to place them in families where all labels are taken off.  They are now children with a mother, father, and siblings.

“And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers”  Malachi 4:6

Each house at Mattaw Children’s Villages is named a fruit of the spirit in swahili from Galatians 5:22.

Our first house was opened in September 2008 and a family was formed.  The father is Wycliff and mother is Flora.

Penda (love) House


Our second house was opened in July of 2009.  The father, Julius, and mother, Christabelle, have truly made their house into a home.  Both are so full of joy when parenting and raising their children into future leaders of this country and laid down lovers of Jesus Christ.

Raha (joy) House

House three opened it’s doors to a new family in July 2011.  The house parents, Joseph and Grace, are beautiful examples to the children of how to live a life surrendered to Jesus.  Every meal is full of laughter and joy.

Amani (Peace) House

In March 2012, we opened house four to a new family of children.  Before opening the doors, the parents, Judith and Edwin, eagerly awaited the children that God would entrust to them to raise as their very own children.

Uvumilivu (Patience) House

Our fifth family came together as we opened house five in March 2014.  The parents to this family are Evans and Mercy.  It doesn’t take long to see the joy on their face as they mother and father this family.

Houses & Parents (8)

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