Our Children’s Home

Our model at mattaw is not a traditional orphanage. Our vision is to give the children placed in our care a family. Our model consists of small family units. Each family has their own house with a father, mother, and 8-12 children.

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Our Name

Mattaw is the Hebrew word for “planting” found in Isaiah 61:3.

“…that they would be called oaks of righteousness, a planting (MATTAW) of the Lord, for the display of His splendor”

While our main focus is family and education, we know that in order to raise our children into strong trees, they need a strong root system. We believe in order to do this, we aim to raise our children holistically, which means we focus on their physical, psychological, social, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing.




small family homes

We currently have 7 small homes with 10-12 children in each home. Our first home opened in 2008. As funds were raised and house parents trained, we continued to open one house at a time.



Years Serving communities

We’ve been in Kenya since 2005, helping the most vulnerable children. Our children come from the surrounding villages of where we are located. We work closely with the local government children’s department to rescue the most needy.



team members

We have over 40 staff empowered and employed by Mattaw who are all Kenyans. We believe Kenyans will raise Kenyans to rebuild their nation.


MARCH 2019

I have experienced first hand the impact Mattaw is having on the children of Kenya. It’s an honor to support them.

Tessa Poyner





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sponsor a child

Sponsorship is one of the main financial ways we care for our children monthly. Sponsorships helps us to care for each child’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Make a Donation

Any general donation will go directly to the most urgent needs for our children. You can also specify where you’d like for your donation to go.