Bud and Kimberly Huffman founded Mattaw in 2007 just after they were married.  Kimberly moved to Kenya in 2005 and Bud came over the following year.  It was in Kenya that they met and volunteered in a more traditional orphanage in a remote village in Kenya.  After seeing the lack of needs met in vulnerable children living in an institutional style orphanage, they began dreaming up a model that would care best for children.  As they sought God’s direction, the vision of Mattaw was birthed.  In January of 2007, they were married in Texas and then on a flight to Kenya a few days later to start Mattaw.  They purchased the land for Mattaw in March and found out in the same month that they were pregnant with their son Elisha.  That summer, they rescued two of their sons, Daniel and Ian, off the streets of Kitale.  They also brought in their son Caleb who was from the previous orphanage they worked in.  Elisha was born in December 2007 and the first house at the Mattaw Children’s Village was almost finished being built.  The year 2007 was a very full year as the Huffman family was formed and the Mattaw Children’s Village was established.  Bud and Kimberly now have 7 children; Caleb, Ian, Dan, Elisha, Claire and Ezra.  They are passionate about seeing the most vulnerable children rescued and placed in family.  They love to create spaces for people to pursue healing.  They believe that through education and family, a new generation will be raised to rebuild their nation and bring hope to some of the toughest places on earth.  After building Mattaw up for over 10 years, they began to expand their efforts to Turkana more often and love the people there.  There are numerous injustices such as child brides and hunger crises that often sweeps across the region.  It is their joy to go into some of the hardest to reach places to bring hope and love.  They love to go where they have to make their own roads in order to reach those in need the most.  It’s what Jesus has done for them and it is out of a love relationship with the Father that they continue to give their yes to the very things they were created for.