Sponsor A Child

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When you sponsor a child…

You are directly giving hope to a child. You are helping re-write their story. Your financial support helps meet their mental, physical, and emotional needs. Their future is bright because of you.



Mattaw Child Sponsorship Breakdown

Thank you for your willingness to be a Mattaw Child Sponsor! Together with your partnership we look forward to investing in children once hopeless and forgotten and watching them grow into “oaks of righteousness”.

Currently the total number of sponsors per child to a maximum of five. At $35 each, that totals $175 potential sponsorship dollars per child. Some people choose to be “double sponsors” of the same child, committing $70 per month, and so the actual number of sponsors per child can vary.

Once a child is fully sponsored, the five main categories used to describe their support are fully operational. Of course, we will not allow any child to go without a specific need and we trust God to provide in creative ways! We strive for excellence without opulence in every area including good nutrition, a quality education, Godly parenting, and the best health care available.

We would like to note that “Higher Education” is a savings fund that will enable Mattaw children to pursue skilled training, undergraduate, and possibly graduate degrees in the near future. As we believe we are raising future leaders we must be positioned to provide the best preparation for each one. This further reflects our long-term commitment to the children beyond traditional orphanage parameters.

The “Administration support” fund currently provides the Children’s Village with the regular services of a Kenyan Social Worker. It also helps to fund the services of a Financial Administrator in the U.S.